Tuition Fees and refunds information

Tuition fees are outlined in our course information pages

For information on refunds, please visit our Refunds Policy page

Non-tuition fees and charges

Enrolment fees are compulsory for all new students. Material fees are compulsory for each course enrolment. Other fees and charges are non-compulsory.

Non-tuition fees and charges are subject to change without further notice.

Compulsory Non-tuition FeesAmount
Enrolment fee (applies to RPL applications as well)$200
Materials fee - per academic year$100
Other Non-tuition Fees (applicable as required by the student) Amount
Late payment fee (up to 7 days overdue)$100
Additional/progressive late payment fee (applied to unpaid balances every additional 7 days, capped at $150 maximum)Additional $50 every 7 days, up to $150
Credit transfer application fee (per unit) $60
RPL assessment per unit$200
Additional tuition (per week)$200
Issuance of a replacement certificate due to loss or damage or re-issue certification documents$50
Re-assessment attempt for failed, missed or late-submission assessments (first re-attempt free if attendance is satisfactory)$50 per task
eCoE re-issuance fee$100
Issuance of a replacement student ID$10
Printing cost per page (black and white)20 cents
Refund administration fee$300 - $500
Change of shift fee (approval is subject to availability)$100
Course cancellation fee
If student decides to withdraw from a course or package that has already commenced, he/she must provide us with at least four weeks’ written notice prior to their next fees due date, or pay four weeks of tuition fees in lieu of notice.
All fees that become due prior to submitting written withdrawal and any fees that fall due between the date of application and date of withdrawal must be paid in full.
Four weeks of tuition fees in lieu of notice
Document urgent processing fee$50
Card payment surcharge1.5%