New lab computers are now live!

Dear VIA Students,

Good News! I am excited to announce that VIA’s IT infracture has been upgraded to another level! All brand new lab computers are now in each classroom! The VIA management have been working hard over the past couple of months to deliver dedicated IT facilities to our VIA student community, which have finally launched.

Based on students’ feedback collected at the end of last term in a form of Student Survey, VIA management decided to upgrade the entire IT infracuture on campus. Now each classroom is equiped with brand new student lab computers. Via those lab computers, VIA students can browse internet, use computer apps, and more importantly access to a network shared printer. It means that you can print your work including completed assessments on campus via lab computers. Each student has a unique login and password to log into the lab computer, and access to the shared printer.

Your printing usage is recorded and managed on Papercut, which will appear on the upper right corner of your computer desktop when you send jobs to printer. It shows your remaning balance on your printing account.


Each student is loaded with $10 initial credit which will enable you to print the first 50 pages free of charge!


– VIA has systems in place to monitor and record students Internet usage to ensure Sercure Internet Browsing
– VIA reserves the right to inspect any files stored in private areas or on network to ensure compliance of safe computer usage
– Lab computers and printing facilities are strictly for education purposes

– Only black and white printing is allowed and enabled
– Printing cost is $0.20 per page
– Once your intial credit is used up, you will need to come to reception to top up your printing account
– NO cash out of your printing account balance

Detailed Use of Computers and Printing Facilities Policy will follow in due course.

As many of you have realised how much effort been put in to launch the campus IT facilities, please make sure you are using those facilities fairly. Any abusive usage of campus facilities will be recorded and displinary actions may follow.

During the intial launch period of the IT infracture, your patience will be greatly appreciated should any unforseable incidents happen.

We hope you enjoy the experience with the campus IT facilities!


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